Home Work and Viva Preparation

1. What are the differences between references and pointers?

2. What are virtual functions – Write an example?

3. Explain the working principles of Constructor with Destructor.  

4. Why programmer uses Function Overloading?  Explain with an example.

5. Write an Object Oriented program using C++ to sum of an integer array. 

6. Use parameterized method to get array with value from main () function.

7. Difference between Abstraction and Encapsulation.

8. Is C++ support multiple inheritance? If not, Why not supported? If yes, is there any probability to occur ambiguity? If yes, How can ambiguity be avoided?  

9. Explain Polymorphism with Syntax.

10. Create multiple classes with inheritance and show the output.

11. Write a program to check whether the given number is Even or Not using Constructor.

12. Find the Area of a Rectangle, circle and Triangle using Inheritance.

13. Write any program to call a member function which will be cause of a different function to be executed depending on the types of object that invokes the function.

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