Design your own manipulator

Design your own manipulator to provide the following output specification for printing money value:
1)  10 columns width

2)  The character '$' at the beginning

3)  Showing '+' sign.

4)  Two digits precision

5)  Filling of unused spaces with ' * '

6)  Trailing zeros shown




ostream &moneyshow(ostream &output)


cout<<'$'; cout.fill('*');




cout.precision(2); return output;


void main()


double amount; clrscr();

cout<<"enter the value:"; cin>>amount;

cout<<"\nyour money value:"; cout<<moneyshow<<amount; getch();



*************************OUTPUT 1***************************************

enter the value:12.2

your money value:$****+12.20

*************************OUTPUT 2***************************************

enter the value:34

your money value:$****+34.00

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